Study Abroad Program: Spanish Language

General Objective

To participate in a comprehensive University program in the colonial city of Oaxaca, Mexico. The total immersion academic program in language and culture will make this trip abroad extremely productive for all students involved. Taking the main courses at Multiversidad will contribute to Spanish language fluency and increase the knowledge of specific areas, such as Social Sciences, Languages and Language Teaching, Nursing and Law. Foreign students are allowed to take up to 3 main courses fron any of these academic areas (when taking a semester program). Rationale behind the Spanish Language Study Abroad Program A combined academic and recreational program focusing on the unique cultural and ecological treasures of the State of Oaxaca.

Santo Domingo de Guzman Convent
    • The academic program offers credits and a diploma certified by Multiversidad Mundo sin Fronteras. Multiversidad is a private state-certified University.
    • Foreign students may take up to three main courses, as well as a Spanish for Specific Purposes class. Courses are taught in Spanish, but also may be taught in English. Click on “LICENCIATURAS” to see the available options in Spanish.
    • Foreign students can easily make contact with NGO’s and Government organizations that are linked to Multiversidad. These organizations will facilitate the development of the student’s projects.
    • Linguistic Diversity: As well as the official Spanish Language, there are 13 different languages of pre-Hispanic origin in the State of Oaxaca.
    • Cultural Heritage: There are approximately 4000 archeological sites in the State of Oaxaca according to the National Institute of Archeology and History. The city center of Oaxaca is considered a Cultural Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO. Modern Oaxaca is a magical mix of pre-Hispanic traditions and customs, Spanish influences, Mexicanisms, and a new Multiculturalism.
    • Folklore; Eight regions form the state of Oaxaca. Each region is well known for its particular style of festive celebrations, folk art, gastronomy, and mystical beliefs.
    • Biodiversity: The state of Oaxaca has the richest biodiversity of flora and fauna in Mexico.
    • Familiarity: Becoming part of a new world at different levels: family, university and society.

Depending on student needs, the Multiversidad will design a class to help students improve specific language skills. The class for advanced students provides tutoring on academic writing, formal speaking and academic reading in Spanish. It is a total immersion process in the Spanish Language starting at family level and going up to University level. This goal is possible due to the combination of a Homestay, in a friendly informal atmosphere of a local Oaxacan home, and a well-designed formal Spanish Course at Multiversidad. These features will make the student more competent in their day-to-day usage of the Spanish Language after their stay in Oaxaca.

Daily Activities

The Spanish program is divided into 2 parts; Formal:
A daily 90-minute Spanish class from Monday through Friday, Informal: The total immersion aspect where students interact with families, university students and local people.


This course presents a chronological view of Mexican society, its politics, economy and national history. The course starts from the pre-Hispanic times and ends during modern times, with the option to be taught in Spanish and English.

Spanish Language Study Abroad Program

The Spanish Language Study Abroad Program includes:

  • Tuition Fees (3 main courses and all Spanish Language lessons)
  • Spanish Language course books
  • Workshops and Excursions
  • Homestay (food and lodging with a local family)
  • Hotel accommodation during excursions
  • Transportation in vans (min. 4 students)
  • Tourist Guides and entrance fees

Fees for the Spanish classes and the Study Abroad Program vary according to group size and course duration. Please contact us for more details.